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The theory presented here, entitled the theory of unified gravitation, holds that the nuclear strong interaction and gravitation are one and the same force. Detailed and relatively simple mathematics are shown to lead to an explicit strong/gravitational force equation that relies on only three independent parameters, identical to the parameters used in Newton’s gravitational theory. The theory is applied on various distance scales to explain a broad range of phenomena, and is shown to provide an unparalleled level of agreement with observations, without requiring an assumption of dark matter, dark energy or inflation. Most notable is its ability to reproduce the morphologies of various types of galaxies and nebulae, as well as the complex structure of Saturn’s main body of rings. Additional large-scale phenomena explained by unified gravitation include:

  • The constant rotation curve observed in spiral galaxies
  • The nature of density waves in spiral galaxies
  • The mechanism underlying star formation and fragmentation
  • The parameters that determine galactic (or nebular) morphology and classification
  • The clustering of nearby galaxies, repulsion between distant galaxies, and the creation of galactic voids
  • The accelerated expansion of the universe
  • The cause of the observed redshift periodicity
  • The mechanism responsible for the creation of galactic and stellar wind
  • The sudden expansion of gas and matter observed in novae and supernovae
  • The formation of planetary ring systems and the composition of planets
  • The mechanism responsible for the creation of the planetary and galactic magnetic fields
  • A possible mechanism for the creation of the solar corona
  • The process of ionization that produces the vast amount of plasma in the universe 

On nuclear scale, the theory is demonstrated to account for the observed weak fall-off of the deep inelastic scattering cross section, and to provide a scaling behavior similar to the observed Bjorken scaling.

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